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While taking a study break today at the DP Library I wandered down an isle adjacent to my little desk, reading the spines of books as I went.  A few titles caught my eye but I only came to a stop to face the shelf when I saw a black-spined book with gold writing. Cities of Words it was called. For whatever reason I felt compelled to look at it further, so I pulled it off the shelf and began to skim the first few pages.

I like when the universe throws synchronicities at me.

As far as I could tell the book was about the collective effect of our individual actions and how as individuals we rarely see our actions having such an effect.  There were several interesting quotes that I don’t remember anymore but I want to read them again because they were startlingly relevant to some things I have been thinking about recently.

Next time I’m there I am going back up to the 6th floor to read it that book.

Do books ever get lonely up there on the floors of the library? Listening to students come and go, packed between their fellows, never getting touched, let alone read. If they could, would they ever shed a forlorn tear for their fate?  

Sometimes it is easy to feel lost in university, like one book among thousands, barely getting noticed except when people glance at your cover, only to pass quick judgement on it.  I find that if I take the time to pull a book from the shelf that I at first thought was nondescript, it turns out to not be what I expected; sometimes it is something entirely different and delightful that I am glad I took the time to get to know.

I love books.  :)


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